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Sunnyside Corned Beef Hash - a breakfast jointcrispy crepes

served all day!
gluten free crepes $1 extra

hash ™
a breakfast joint

located in the Denver Sunnyside neighborhood

2339 w 44th Avenue  
Denver, CO 80211  


goldie lox 7.95
dill cream cheese, smoked salmon, red onion, tomatoes and capers

burrito 7.50
sausage, potatoes, eggs, jack cheese, topped with our shredded pork green chile

mediterranean pot 7.50
provolone & feta cheese, kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, spinach

simple scramble 7.25
scrambled eggs, jack cheese, maple bacon

chile relleno 7.25
queso fresco, roasted chilies, jack cheese topped with pico

caprese 7.75
mozzarella, tomato, fresh bail, sweet balsamic

sweet (all topped with chantily cream)

berrylicious 7.50
Nutella, fresh berries, triple berry sauce

cinnamon swirl 5.95
sweet butter, brown sugar, cinnamon

lemonicious 7.75
fresh lemon curd, cream cheese

macadamia nut 6.75
cream cheese, macademia nuts, carmelized banana, white caramel sauce

strawberry - banana 6.75
fresh strawberries, bananas, cream cheese, strawberry puree


1 egg 1.25
2 eggs 1.95
bowl of fruit 2.95
maple bacon (2 strips) 2.50
english muffin (buttered) 1.95
green chile (bowl) 2.75
side of potatoes 1.75
side of pico 1.25
sour cream or cheese 1.25
side of wheat toast 1.25

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